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Merry Cearley

Breeder of crossbred farmcollies
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kennel/owner: Merry Cearley
contact name: Merry Cearley
Port Angeles
United States
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Stud dogs/bitches:
Gavin of Gracehaven 139 PRGN
AWFA: 139 PRGN, 12-08-2009, sable

Owned Dogs:
Gavin of Gracehaven 139 PRGN
AWFA: 139 PRGN, 12-08-2009, sable

Romany-Widdershins Wolf Child 160 PRGN
AWFA: 160 PRGN, 10-08-2013, sable and white

Bred Dogs:
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Buckley's Iso
20-02-2013, tricolor

Church's MacKenzie
20-02-2013, ghost tricolor

Frederick Boxold III 168 PRGN
AWFA: 168 PRGN, 20-02-2013, seal and white

Hulet's Simon
20-02-2013, tricolor

Weekley's Kermit
20-02-2013, black and white

Widdershins Charlie
20-02-2013, ghost tricolor

Widdershins Fly
20-02-2013, tricolor

Widdershins Scotch Whisky
12-04-2015, sable and white